Cope Portable Air Conditioner CPA-140


Model: CPA-140


Model: Cope Portable Air Conditioner CPA-140

This product uses advanced and efficient fin type of clear water membrance cooling fin and inner thread heat pipe, imported high efficient soft scroll compressor and low noise fan are equipment. You need only light contact not only has the function of cooling, dehumidification, but also has the movable temporary housings, but also in the workshop equipments, mini-type of production line, elevator equipment rooms and special work posts and environments such as factories.

Weight 196KG
Outside Dimension W1150 x D730 x H1200
Noise Below 65dB
Model CPA-140
Coolant R22
Compressor SCROLL
Input Power 5.5KW
Cooling Volume 140000W (47000BTU)
Power Source 420V
Frequency 50Hz

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