Cope Panel Air Conditioner C-1000


  • Rotary Mini Compressor Motor
  • CFC-FRee Refrigerant
  • Heavy Duty Steel Case
  • Mount Externally
  • Low Temperature Digital Controller
  • Hi Speed Axial Fan Motor
  • Capillary Tube With Strainer
  • Condenser With Fin
  • Evaporator With Fin
  • Insulated Internal Case
  • Epoxy Coated Steel Case


COPE panel cooler unit aesthetically integrate into the assembly to maintain temperature stability and control as well as dust and humidity protection, for normal operation of sensitive electronic equipment without unwanted interruption.

General Characteristics:
Air-Flow: Two Independent air circuits;
Internal circuit - circulates cool air in the panel
External circuit - dissioates extracted heat to the atmosphere
(Special models available to expel condenser hot air to other locations)

Cooling Circuit:

Includes sealed compresors, metering device and associated refrigeration equipment.

Temperature Control:
Microprocessor Controller with Programming through multifunction keys and alphanumeric display with easy access man / machine interfaces. Digital display of actual and set temperature values. Stores Parameter / programmed values in non-volatile memory adjustable time delay between starts warranting the minimum time for temperature equilibrium and compressor start-ups.

Model C-1000
Cooling capacity 1000W
Power Sources AC 220V / 50Hz
Run Current (Rating) 2.73Amp
Run Current (Max) 3.28Amp
Starting Current 8.2Amp
Run Consumption (Rating) 610W
Run Consumption (Max) 735W
Working Ambient Temperature 20oC ¬ 50oC
Refrigerant R22
Noise 65dB (A)
Enclosure Rating (Inner) IP54
Paint Colour Beige (Assignable)
Dimension (mm) W390 x H900 x D265
Weight 37 KG

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